Vandalized Habitat for Humanity sign a disgusting display


The defacing of the Habitat sign on 70 Arlington Dr. is totally disgusting. Do these people who so violently oppose this development on this particular site ever watch news coming from other places, like world-wide news?

Or is their news watching limited to football and hockey games while sitting on their couch, enjoying their beer and petting their well-established tummies and personal fat wallets? Clearly they never graduated from kindergarten — sandbox attitudes where they most likely were the king of the castle. What do these people think gives them the entitlement to be judge and jury over the rest of humanity occupying the ‘other’ side of the ‘world’? Somehow they never learned to look beyond the tip of their own nose.

The last council did bend over backwards to accommodate the wishes of the bordering neighbours. Yet it seems nothing is enough to oblige their personal wishes — like young, angry toddlers stomping their feet on the ground demanding to be heard and have their wishes adhered to.

Akinsdale residents should drive across St. Albert Trail and have a look around the Grandin neighbourhood. This was the first of the ‘newer’ communities built in the early 1960s to 1970s and it is truly all-inclusive — and everybody is absolutely happy with the way it was built then.

I am glad that it is only a small number of St. Albert residents who are so close-minded.

Lilo Engler, St. Albert


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