Utilities out of whack


My utility bills for our Forest Lawn single-family home are nowhere near the amounts reported.

The report indicates St. Albert’s average utility bill is $147.89. We are very conservative with our utility use and our monthly bill for the last bill is $236.60. The prior month utility bill was $226.95 for a family of three. The stats used in the Feb. 17 article need to be reviewed and address the difference.

As a comparison Enmax supplies our power and gas and comparative homes in our community use 2,070 units of energy while we are using 1,237 units of energy giving us a rating of very efficient. Yet we are nowhere near the average on water utilities? I think there is something missing in the report.

I managed commercial properties and they do not pay the same rate for a cubic meter of water or sewer as does a residential property. The rate needs to be the same for all St. Albert consumers, there is no reason a meter of water should cost a different amount nor should the cost for sewage or storm water service differ. Our utility cost in St. Albert should also include forced curbside recycling and forced organic curbside recycling which have to be included.

R. Pysyk, St. Albert


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