Tree destroyed by vandals


To the party responsible:

A few years ago a small sapling was planted in the park behind our house, among other trees. Over the past couple of years it was nurtured, watered, and cared for, and beginning to show great promise as a new and growing addition to St. Albert’s proud legacy as a botanical arts city.

In a few more years it would be home to birds, provide shade in the summer, and other environmental benefits. Trees take a while to grow, and this one was almost six feet tall. It was showing great potential.

Last week this tree was reduced to a battered stick, and its broken trunk and branches scattered.

To the person or persons responsible for destroying this tree: maybe you think it’s OK to destroy things that aren’t yours? Well, it’s not, and you know better. So do the right thing now: own up to your actions, and take personal responsibility to replace this tree in the spring.

And find a more positive outlet for your energy to make your city and society a better place.

Paul Gervais, St. Albert


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