Transportation remedies needed before new area structure plans


I have concerns with St. Albert city council’s recent decision to proceed with area structure plans (ASPs) for the Lakeview and Badger Lands areas. This decision, without a similar commitment to have transportation remedies in place for current traffic woes, is unforgivable.
Previous city councils have already approved ASPs for Jensen Lakes, Riverside, Erin Ridge North, Range Road 260 and Elysian Fields. Where is the need for more? Previous councils, like the current one, seem all too inclined to shuffle aside concerns, acknowledged by administration, of the current and worsening traffic congestion on St. Albert Trail, Boudreau Road and Ray Gibbon Drive.
All too often the prospect of forthcoming taxation revenue presents a gilded view for advancing development. The promised traffic improvements become a façade of unrealized resolutions. These transportation promises carry no commitment of completion time frames. For all intents and purposes they ring as hollow promises with sketchy projections of benefits and do nothing to deal with the here and now.
St. Albert might be a desirable community to live in; however current vehicle transportation infrastructure shortcomings handicap the city’s attractiveness as a community of choice. The time for dealing with the worsening traffic woes is now, and is more pressing than bringing on more development lands. I want a city council that has its feet on the ground and is thinking clearly about now and not fixated on dreamland.
K.  Crutchfield, St. Albert

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