Traffic studies support both arguments


Interesting discussion between Mr. Bohachyk (Gazette, June 10) and Mr. Kish (Gazette, July 5) regarding what each perceives to be the right thing to do with respect traffic safety. The studies apparently support both arguments.

U.S. Roads states that there is no conclusive evidence that photo radar reduces accidents. However, in known photo radar zones speeds are reduced by 5.1 mph. Similar speed reductions were obtained by speed boards.

A Toronto study found a 50 per cent reduction in accidents over the next two years for drivers that were stopped compared to drivers not stopped.

One Calgary study indicated no significant reduction in accidents due to photo radar.

An Edmonton study found that accidents were reduced and were less severe in one known photo radar location.

Overall the above supports Mr. Bohachyk more than Mr. Kish because we do not just drive at photo radar locations.

The above seems to provide strong support for speed boards (very inexpensive and effective); photo radar exposed not hiding, and traffic police.

Unfortunately photo radar is a very uneven playing field. It does not discourage the rich or those that spend money easily from speeding. It fails to remove bad drivers from our roads.

Safe driving should be rewarded.

Wayne Richardson, St. Albert


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