Time to rehabilitate the Sturgeon


I am in amazement that Genstar is to build residential housing for 8,000 people on the banks of the Sturgeon River. My amazement is not the housing, but the state of the Sturgeon River!

The great old Sturgeon is now nothing more than a sewer running open through the city! Building near the Sturgeon has over the last several decades caused the banks to fall into the river creating a river bottom not conducive to fish (or people). Today the city of St. Albert puts street water and accompanying chemicals into the water in some places while our historic ‘dump anything’ dump is leaching into the river.

The city needs to budget and plan for the re-construction of the river banks with rock sides, and the river needs to be dredged to remove the dangerous chemicals and smells from the river water. I argue that the saving of the Sturgeon for fish, fowl and people should be the highest priority for St. Albert elected officials (and the city administrators).

Sally McBride, St. Albert


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