Time to enforce leash bylaws


Please add me to the list of people who believe St. Albert needs stronger, and enforced, bylaws concerning dogs. Dogs have become a constant source of irritation and concern for us. One of our neighbours used to have a group of very aggressive dogs that were never controlled, and it prohibited me from allowing my daughter to play outside on her own. As a regular runner along the trails, I am assaulted almost daily by at least one dog.

Owners exclaim that their dog is safe, but how would I know that? If I came running up and began screaming and chasing someone, I bet they’d take my actions seriously, even if my wife yelled "he’s harmless" from down the trail.

What troubles me the most is that I run on on-leash trails to try to avoid this problem. Those on-leash areas are filled with owners who are not using leashes. Perhaps we could start by enforcing the laws we do have?

John Shellenberg, St. Albert


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