Time to become part of Greater Edmonton


Oh, Mr. Plain. One of the major problems in the Capital region is a lack of sharing of resources, combining them in the most cost-efficient and economical way.

It sounds like you are proposing overlaying more administrative structure. The City of St. Albert, whichever way you look at it, is clearly not self-sustaining.

Maybe you think that I have not lived here long enough to make these suggestions, only being here since 1981, but how many schemes, dreams and proposals have there been in the last 30 years that have provided us with the industry to be truly self-sufficient.

Let us become part of – dare I say it? – Greater Edmonton. Imagine a Capital region transit plan; we already get our utilities from the same places. We have the shared infrastructure that links us in such a way that it is hard to see where St. Albert ends and Edmonton begins.

Our health care is provided regionally; sporting activities for youth in the region are being combined. It is time to lose the fiefdoms. We would share in regional development and not be fearful of land grabs that cost thousands in studies and legal wrangling.

We would truly be the community we are, a bedroom community – or is it just a mirage that every day thousands travel to work in Edmonton. Perhaps then our taxes will become a realistic reflection of living in the capital region – not in some special, elitist setting, where, as we get older, many find it harder to live and younger people leave to find homes that they can afford.

I will not be standing with a placard saying Hands Off St. Albert at the city boundary, wherever it is!

Elizabeth Allchin, St. Albert


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