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Things get spicy at Morinville market

So you think you can cook, huh?

Get ready for Morinville’s Chili Cook-off as the best cooks around duke it out for the chili champ crown on Friday, Sept. 9.

“I wanted to promote the farmers’ market, especially since we moved,” says market manager Korien Sampson.

The market, formerly held on Morinville’s main street in front of the town offices, was moved to the Parish Hall parking lot on July 15.

Although the horseshoe-shaped market has grown in vendor size since its move, Sampson wants to keep the market presence front and centre.

Inspired by So You Think You Can Dance, Sampson is challenging not only community cooks, but also anyone who has a great chili recipe to enter the competition.

A few applicants have entered, but there’s lots of room for more. Competitors can enter three categories. For the mild, timid palate, there’s the Beanies for Weenies category. Anyone that has a chili recipe with a kick is encouraged to try the Chili Chili Bang Bang category. And if your chili makes people cry, wheeze and blow smoke out of their ears, there is the hot Blazing Saddles category.

Judging will take place at noon and after the winners are announced, bowls of chili will be sold for $2 a pop. A portion of the proceeds will be directed to the Morinville Public Library.

To enter, registrants simply fill out a form at the library, cook their favourite chili recipe and bring it blazing hot to the Parish Hall on Friday, Sept. 9, at 11:30 a.m. The library is also located in the Parish Hall. Registration is $15.

Fire chief Ron Cust, Don Bom Buwala of Don’s Bistro and a member of Morinville Library Board will judge the chili entries.

The winner in each category gets more than bragging rights. They receive goody bags with goods and services from over a dozen local merchants.

“We’re doing it for fun and we hope the town comes out to see who the best chilli cook is,” Simpson said.

The Morinville Parish Hall is at 10010 101 Ave. Market hours are every Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Sept. 30.

Anna Borowiecki: Anna Borowiecki joined the St. Albert Gazette in 2000. She reports on local people and events in the arts, entertainment and food industry. She also writes general news and features.