There truly are angels amongst us


On July 19 I was returning home on a driving trip to St. Albert from Kamloops, B.C. We were taking turns driving and stopped in Nordegg to fill up with gas. I inadvertently left my set of keys at the gas station and realized I did not have my keys about an hour later. I called the gas station folks who confirmed that they had them. It is what transpired next that has reaffirmed my faith in the kindness of folks in our world.

When the staff member of the gas station went to the post office to arrange to send the keys back to me, she ended up chatting with the now part-time post mistress about the package and how best to send it. The post mistress is our very own Nancy Vermette, who with her husband Dennis lives part-time in Nordegg and own The Cajun House in St. Albert and Louisiana Purchase in Edmonton. Nancy advised the staff member that she was coming to St. Albert and, unbeknownst to me, would deliver the keys. I later received a call from Nancy and she brought them over. I felt truly blessed by the visit from Nancy. We also had a chance to reconnect as two long-time residents of St. Albert who had run across each other over the years at church and with children’s activities.

I appreciate the return of the keys but the chain of events surrounding the loss and their return will never be forgotten. This is a true reminder to pay it forward.

Linda White, St. Albert


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