There is no authority on climate change


David Lloyd’s recent article on climate change is just a bunch of nonsense. Who made him an authority on climate? ‘Cause he’s a musician and used to live here? Give me a break.

The world has been warming since the last ice age. I feel that all these authorities on the world are just trying to make their lives more important than they are when they are just a speck like the rest of us. He feels us non-believers must check out all the proof on the Internet, etc. I feel he should check out the opposing views, but I’m sure he won’t be doing that because they are paid for by Big Oil, according to Lloyd.

The last four winters have been long and brutal, just like I remember in the ‘60s and ‘70s. But that is pushed aside as “well, that doesn’t mean there isn’t warming in other places.” So what? Until all the Suzukis, Gores and Lloyds of the planet show us how ‘green’ they can be, I will continue to drive my 40K to work and run my ammonia plant with vast amounts of natural gas to make steam, heat and cool my house with clean, coal generated power, and … you get the picture.

Most of the world is now carbon-based, from your widescreen TV to your baby’s diapers. Get used to it. Otherwise, we are back to the start of the1900s. Anyone want to go there?

Tony Gull, St. Albert


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