Summer is a great opportunity for casual entertaining and every host enjoys throwing something new onto the banquet table.

Taking classes to learn the tricks of the trade can make the difference between serving an ordinary meal and an inspired blowout.

ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen offers two classes in July. Barbecue Patio Party offers a raft of new barbecue menu ideas on July 9.

Later on July 23, ATCO presents Baking on the Barbecue, a short class that reveals tips and tricks to cooking pastry and desserts on the barbie.

Both classes run during the lunch hour from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. and are priced at $15. For more information, register at

If you prefer the hands-on approach, working with top tier chefs, NAIT has scheduled half a dozen week-long cooking and baking boot camps.

Throughout the month of July, the blue ribbon institute offers pastry, culinary and gourmet boot camps for learning time-tested kitchen techniques.

NAIT offers additional classes on meat cutting as well as learning the art of a cold kitchen with cured meats, cheeses and pickles. And there is also a chocolate lover’s dream boot camp.

Boot camps range from $995 to $1,695. For more information or to register call 780-471-6248 or visit


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