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At The King’s University, you aren’t simply pursuing an education—you’re pursuing a better world.

King’s is a top-tier academic institution and the only Christian liberal arts and sciences university in Northern Alberta. Located in Edmonton, the university offers a variety of bachelor degrees in the arts, social and natural sciences, music, and commerce, as well as a two-year Bachelor of Education after-degree.  We deliver a robust education and hands-on learning experiences, all from professors who are actively researching in their fields.

We want you to graduate with a fuller sense of who you are and how you can use your interests to positively affect your community and God’s kingdom both at home and around the world. Do you see yourself researching creation? Enriching young lives in a classroom? Building an ethical business? Pursuing a master’s degree or professional program? King’s has fully accredited and internationally recognized programs to help you do all this and more.

Offering over 600 courses, 37 disciplines, and 17 majors and concentrations, King’s seeks to inspire and equip learners to bring renewal and reconciliation in every walk of life, and to help build a more humane, just, and sustainable world. Where will this vision take you?

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