Terrorism breeds in alienated communities


Many of us for years have been concerned about terrorism in Canada. Most concerns are since 9/11 (Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attack on U.S). Individual terrorists of any ilk are usually self-creating. Nothing can be done to safeguard us from them whether they are crazy or extremists. They commit one-off random acts of violence.

Large scale terrorism breeds in the dark and in communities that feel alienated. Canada’s current vision of multi-cultural inclusion is an extremely effective counter-measure. It leads to large friendly communities of good neighbours who look out for each other. It leads to open communities of friends.

Canada aggressively needs to always stay open, friendly and accommodating to every person regardless of country of birth, gender, religion, colour, or sexual orientation. If we do we’ll stay safe and happy, unlike other countries that eschew multiculturalism for inward-looking xenophobia. Also we’ll all have great neighbours who, like those long in the country, appreciate Canada for its openness and acceptance of others and contribute mightily to our national cultural fabric.

David Merritt, St. Albert


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