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I applaud wholeheartedly the view by A.I. Smith (Gazette, Dec. 2). Councillor Sheena Hughes is a superb watchdog on council. While Hughes was on the previous council, I had the opportunity to witness her dedication to taxpayers’ concerns. She was the only one on the ball and I did not have to continue making requests. She attended to the matter immediately, and I just wish that she had run for mayor. Speaking of the new Mayor Cathy Heron, knowing that she was the protege of Mayor Crouse, it is no wonder that she will lead as per his style.

Valerie Spink’s (Gazette, Nov. 18) outrageous attack on Councillor Hughes was demeaning. Thankfully Sheena Hughes is not afraid to stand out and stand up for what is right. She fought the status quo constantly while on the previous council but at least then she had one or two allies who weren’t afraid to not be allowed to play in the mayor’s sandbox. Now she is alone but not afraid to let the current mayor and other councillors know that she will continue to fight for what is right and not to chalk up brownie points. Kudos to you, Sheena. You have my respect because you are willing to go against the grain for us, the taxpayers. You have demonstrated that you know the meaning of “No” and unfortunately you have to defend these issues that should be a no-brainer.

I knew that this issue of the branch library would be a nightmare for us if Cathy Heron got in because she was a donor to the library cause and she is not about to respect the voters adamant “No” vote if she can push her way through.

No means no in every aspect and issues facing people today. Women are standing up to unwanted gestures and becoming vocal about it. We as taxpayers in St. Albert need to stand up to the mayor and council and become vocal in enforcing that our will will be done. Not hers.


Colleen Chupka, St. Albert


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