Ted Hole Park coyote preserve thriving


Well I am just thrilled with the forward thinking being shown by the city in the establishment of a protected coyote park right in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. A mating pair of coyotes have taken up residence in Ted Hole Park and rumour has it they have four pups in their den! Ted Hole Park is uniquely suited for human and coyote interaction as it is ringed by homes and also includes a playground so the little ones can get up close to these majestic creatures. Also, no more pesky outdoor cats, our new neighbours loved them so much they could almost eat them up … and then they did! So far only one person has been attacked and that’s a small price to pay for the thrill of walking your dog through this lovely park never knowing what’s around the corner!

Ok, come on. How many people need to complain to the city before they do something? How long until one of the coyotes attacks one of the neighbourhood kids playing at the playground? I know we need to live in harmony with the local wildlife but this has become a safety hazard for our kids.

Andy Williams, St. Albert


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