Electorate should decide


 It would seem that city council has no inhibitions when it comes to flagrantly touting themselves.  But they are being a little less than ethical, are they not, in welcoming to council chambers slogan-shirted supporters (Gazette, Sept. 9)?  It seems the increased projected costs, already $2 million more for the library, along with that of other less than absolutely necessary amenities (and with a 50 per cent chance of up/down adjustment to the cost) will not be on the plebiscite after all. Imagine that.  If you’re a  betting person, I recommend you bet on the costs going up.

We know what council and cronies want but it is the electorate who should decide. And they should keep in mind that much increased property taxes at a time of high unemployment (100,000 recent job losses in Alberta from the energy sector alone) will mean less of the disposable income that supports small businesses in St. Albert. And these job losses don’t include those in spin-off businesses and services. There is also an increase in bank interest rates predicted to translate into mortgage problems for many home-owners.  Money in city reserves is still money; you use it unwisely,  you need to borrow for other things.

This council is not as forth-coming as it should be. Keep that in mind when you vote.

Doris Wrench Eisler, St. Albert


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