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Stroet guarantees lots of fun

Will Stroet is a Vancouver based children's entertainer. He is on tour to promote his 2010 album Walk 'n' Roll and will make a stop at the Arden Theatre for its introduction of Noisy Theatre on Wednesday

There’s a new experiment underway at St. Albert’s Arden Theatre and it involves Vancouver based children’s entertainer Will Stroet.

“It’s a trial, but I hope to make it a comfortable environment,” says Stroet.

Professional programming presenter Casey Prescott wants to open the newly renovated auditorium to underage school children and their parents with a new concept called Noisy Theatre. It launches Wednesday, Nov. 2.

It is a morning theatrical experience where preschool age children, those walking and in strollers, are introduced to theatre. Two performances are scheduled this season. The second is Feb. 1, 2012.

While theatre etiquette demands youngsters shush during a performance, Noisy Theatre is understanding and tolerant of children talking and walking around. It actually encourages them to be themselves.

Not many performers could handle a dozen kids running around the auditorium giggling and laughing – unless you happen to be Stroet.

“My experience in the classroom as a teacher gave me the insights on how to connect with kids,” Stroet says.

The award-winning bilingual singer spent five years teaching music part-time at a French immersion elementary school. In 2005 while teaching, Stroet recorded his first CD of original songs, Let’s All Dance. What began as an offbeat experiment turned into a success as he sold 1,000 copies and garnered solid reviews.

Since then he’s released five albums in both English and French. His latest is the 2010 release of Walk ’n’ Roll, a 12-track CD that got him nominated for the 2011 Western Canadian Music Awards and the 2011 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

The tracks, designed to be both entertaining and educational, include a variety of upbeat kid-like interests. There’s Reading Revival, a literacy song; Hygiene and Eugene, an action song; Kick-It, a soccer song and O My-My Hippopotamy, a rollicking hippo song.

“I guarantee a lot of fun. I guarantee kids will take part and be engaged. So bring your kids and I guarantee you a fun time.”


Will Stroet
Noisy Theatre
Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 11 a.m.
Arden Theatre
Tickets: $5/kids; $10/adults. Call 780-459-1542; also available at the door.

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