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Stephen Khan concedes

Stephen Khan was gracious in defeat as it became clear that Marie Renaud would be the new MLA for the St. Albert riding.

“We know we’re not coming back,” Khan said at about 9:20 p.m.

Khan said he continues to be proud of his record, and was looking for Renaud’s phone number to offer her “hearty congratulations.”

“I’m very proud of my time representing St. Albert and that doesn’t change,” Khan said.

Khan was first elected in 2011. He was briefly a cabinet minister under Alison Redford and was appointed to Jim Prentice’s cabinet as service minister in September.

“I’m very excited to get to spend some time with my family,” Khan said, adding he’ll be taking the summer off and is looking forward to his new “job” as a volunteer coach for a Paul Kane’s high school volleyball team.

“The voters always get it right at the end of the day,” Khan said.

He praised the support from his volunteers, and said he was very surprised at the results.

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