St. Mary’s University: Expand opportunities with a Liberal Arts Education


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A liberal arts education enables students to think and learn both broadly and deeply.
At St. Mary’s University, located in south Calgary, a strong focus is placed on students’ growth, their academic excellence and their commitment to building a meaningful community. A St. Mary’s degree is dynamic and rooted in real-world values: students take interdisciplinary courses and graduate with skills and a greater knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Featuring eight accredited Bachelor of Arts degrees, a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education After-Degree program, as well as transferable university courses in 35 academic disciplines, St. Mary’s is among the fastest-growing post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

“St. Mary’s is a university that places students first, with a commitment to quality teaching that is second to none,” says Dr. Gerry Turcotte, President and Vice-Chancellor of St. Mary’s University.

St. Mary’s courses and degrees challenge the mind and stimulate the senses. Ours is a program devoted to developing the whole person: mind, body and spirit. This is a commitment that we make to every student we serve.”

Small class sizes give the students an opportunity to have greater student-professor interaction and a high level of mentorship and collaboration. The university also provides excellent opportunities to extend learning well beyond the classroom. In the Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology degree, study trips to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in Vancouver, or experiential learning opportunities to Belize, offer a unique hands-on experience that develops students’ critical habits of thought while providing the necessary transferable skills to adapt to a changing workplace.

Degrees such as the Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Liberal Studies are unique and tailored to give students maximum flexibility to discover and pursue their interests while completing a four-year degree. Many St. Mary’s students have used such degrees to move into the workplace or to pursue graduate studies.

As Dr. Turcotte puts it, “our students at St. Mary’s are encouraged to excel academically, but the great opportunity of the liberal arts education is reminding them that they have a deep connection and responsibility to the world around them. We want our students to be citizens of the world – not as participants, but as leaders.”

This kind of education is rare in a world where classes have become increasingly large and where the workplace has become increasingly complex. This is one of many special qualities that a university like St. Mary’s can provide, where the educational experience can be tailored to the needs of the students, ensuring that they are seen, heard and valued.



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