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St. Albert woman found dead in Jamaica

Connie Lisowecki

The daughter of a St. Albert woman found dead in Jamaica last month is hoping a police investigation will confirm her suspicions of foul play.

Connie Lou Lisowecki, 60, was found dead in her pool at the Negril Retreat, a boutique hotel she owned in Negril, Jamaica, on Jan. 27 following a Jan. 26 concert fundraiser for a friend struggling with cancer.

Her daughter Tara Gunderson-Bruyere, also from St. Albert, said the process of establishing what happened to her mother has been a frustrating one, and based on reports she had heard from neighbours, she believes her mother may have been murdered.

Gunderson-Bruyere believes the initial police investigation of the scene was not very comprehensive, and she has concerns about the contents of the autopsy report. She has been trying to get a second autopsy done, but had been unable to get required information from the medical examiner in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“I’ve found a pathologist who said if he can look at the original autopsy report, which I submitted to him, and the autopsy photos, he can decide whether a second autopsy would be feasible,” she said.

Gunderson-Bruyere said she was in contact with a senior police official, who appeared to be investigating the matter, when she travelled to Jamaica to attend to her mother’s affairs.

“I believe they’re on it now,” she said. “He was very receptive to what I had to say, keeping in mind this was a full two weeks after my mom had passed.”

The St. Albert Gazette could not reach the Jamaican Constabulary Service for comment or Gunderson-Bruyere’s lawyer for comment.

In the meantime, Gunderson-Bruyere is left to mourn the loss of a woman she described as driven entrepreneur who always had big ideas – she picked up and moved to Jamaica to start a business and persevered to build the Negril Retreat.

More significantly, perhaps, she was a woman who loved her family – especially her grandchildren – very much.

“She loved music, and loved to play her guitar for my son,” she said. “And she loved to pull my daughter’s socks off and tickle her toes.”

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