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St. Albert has a new top cop

St. Albert RCMP Detatchment Insp. Pam Robinson.

Insp. Pamela Robinson is the new detachment head for the St. Albert RCMP.

Robinson brings 17 years of experience in policing to the role and said she is looking forward to continuing to give great service to the citizens of St. Albert.

“I’ve been focused on just trying to get to know the people and the needs of the community,” Robinson said.

Right now Robinson said that her priority is getting to know all of the members of the community and sees no immediate changes that need to be made.

“There are no major issues here that need changing. There are always opportunities for growth and development and when those opportunities arise those changes will be made in a positive manner,” Robinson said.

Robinson has already lived in St. Albert with her family for three years so she is already very familiar with the community. She said that she really likes that St. Albert is “really forward thinking” and it is inspiring to work in a community with “good people wanting to do good things.”

The Newfoundland native grew up in Clarke’s Head in Gander Bay. Robinson said that she always knew that she wanted to be a police officer but decided to study nursing in school.

“Policing has always been my passion,” Robinson said.

The day after she graduated from university she signed up for the RCMP. She said she was motivated by her desire to serve her country and her community.

Robinson said that her nursing degree gave her many of the tools that she now uses as a police officer. She said both roles serve the public, build relationship and deal with high-risk situations.

Robinson has spent the last three years at Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT), which is the province wide entity that focuses on serious crimes and Robinson was a team lead of an organized crime enforcement team. For the last six months she was an acting inspector and oversaw the regional side of the organization where she supervised teams in five cities across Alberta.

The inspector started her policing career in Fort McMurray where she worked on general duty and in rural areas. She then transferred to Sherwood Park where she worked in many departments including the crime reduction and drug units. Next Robinson was moved to Airdrie where she was promoted to a Watch Corporal and was also involved in general investigation.

She eventually made her way back up to Edmonton and worked with the KARE unit, which is an active missing persons unit that works with vulnerable citizens to help connect them with appropriate social supports.

Robinson is replacing Insp. Ken Foster, who moved to Red Deer on Aug. 24, 2017.

Jennifer Henderson: Jennifer Henderson joined the St. Albert Gazette in 2016. She writes about municipal, provincial and federal politics; court and crime; general news and features.