St. Albert is a drug haven


An open letter to the mayor and city council, who think they are doing a great job protecting the people of St. Albert from Chad’s smoke shop.

I used to live in Edmonton, raising three kids (20, 16, and 13). My oldest went and finished school in the city — never had any problems. At the start of high school and junior for my two youngest I thought it would be a better environment here in St. Albert. I was dead wrong.

Do you have any clue how out of control the teenage drug problem is here in St. Albert? Did you know it is easier for kids to get drugs at school, the mall and city hall than it is in Edmonton? Do you know what a PChAD is and how many are filed at the St. Albert courthouse?

The worst mistake I made for my children was moving them here, thinking it was a better place. It is not. Between the people who think they are better than everyone else and saying it in letters to the paper, and the parents who just give their kids everything instead of actually paying attention to what they are doing, and a city council that thinks they are above the law and better than everyone else, I do not tell anyone I know to raise their children here.

With all the time that has been wasted trying to keep out businesses you deem unfit, you could have come up with a real way of combatting the very real and very large teenage drug problem that is here. If you want, you can run my name to see if I have a criminal record that you can try to throw back in my face. I will even come sign for it, unlike other people who were not given that choice.

Do not blame the smoke shop for a problem that was and is here.

Yours truly, a parent that was mislead.

Patty McCulloc, St. Albert


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