How an upcoming development looks to bring a new urban community to St. Albert

Cape Group, a multi-generational family business offering a full suite of real estate and development services for more than 60 years, is excited to introduce the new urban community of Bellevue Village to St. Albert.

“We wanted to do something really different for the rental market, and provide tenants with options comparable to buying a condo,” says Zack Ross, COO. “We wanted to build a true neighbourhood for people to live in that has an expressive and distinctive design.”

Cape Group has remained at the forefront of real estate development because of its ability to see trends before they materialize. The company knows the current generation focuses on experiences, travel, and quality of life over striving for home ownership as the metric of personal success. However, that same generation wants to walk or bike to amenities, enjoy big box and boutique shopping, and have access to fine and fast dining, all from the comfort of a luxury dwelling that suits their needs and budget.

Bellevue Village will meet and exceed these needs, and become the new standard for today’s discerning renter.

“The vision,” Ross says, “started in 2013. In early 2014 we started working with the City of St. Albert for permits. Construction started on the site in September 2016 and the first phase is now nearing completion.”

Phase 1, Lakeview, features 150 luxury 1-3 bedroom units with exclusive underground parking. This phase will hold 37,000 square feet of retail opportunities, with a planned 40,000 square foot grocery retailer and ample outdoor parking throughout. Subsequent phases will include additional office, retail, banking, and dining experiences, and a six-storey hotel.

“Bellevue Village is truly an urban hub,” says Ross. “Everything is designed to be within walking or biking distance. It’s a smart development for a smart city.”

The innovative concrete, steel, and brick design that will be featured throughout the development blends in with the heritage tone of St. Albert, but touches like upgraded thermal insulation and smart home features mean an eco-friendly, progressive, tech-forward project that will appeal to those looking to lower their carbon footprint.

Accustomed to providing 360-degree solutions for real estate, leases and property management, Cape Group couldn’t be more excited to introduce the community of Bellevue Village to St. Albert. The city is rich in heritage and design, yet unapologetically progressive on the business, tourism, commercial, residential and eco-natural fronts, and that is exactly what Bellevue Village will capture in each phase of its design.

To learn more, visit bellevuevillage.ca and capegroup.ca.

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