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Speeders worry Heritage Lakes residents

There is excessive speeding and too many fender benders on Hudson Road, according to one resident, saying it’s time for the city to do something about it.

Donald Moreau laid out his concerns to city council Monday regarding a 200-metre stretch of pavement outside his front door that he believes attracts some of the city’s worst drivers.

“It’s a problem and it has to be addressed,” said Moreau.

Hudson Road stretches south from Levasseur Road to Heritage Drive in the city’s Heritage Lakes district.

He said his car has been rear-ended more than once while turning onto his driveway, while other vehicles have damaged trees in the area. Some parents won’t allow their kids to use the playground at the end of the road for fear of speeders.

Moreau isn’t sure what needs to be done, but he proposes that the city reduce the speed limit from 50 km/h to 30 km/h.

“I’m sorry I have to take three seconds away from you, [but]it’ll just make everything better,” he said.

Coun. Roger Lemieux, who recently proposed several speed limit changes around the city, offered his support to Moreau and said he would take the time to investigate the situation.

Lemieux said he drove Hudson Road on Friday morning, and although he didn’t witness any speeders he did notice that there is no speed limit sign posted there.

“The important thing is we have to produce a sign because there’s no sign going northbound,” said Lemieux.

An off-leash dog park has been proposed for the area and Lemieux said it would definitely bring more traffic to the area if it’s built. A speed limit sign on Hudson Road could reinforce the city’s expectation of its drivers.

City staff is also investigating the situation and recently recorded speed statistics there. Between May 26 and June 1 of this year, 24,707 vehicles used the road.

The maximum speed limit recorded on the stretch was 105 km/h, but the average recorded speed was 41 km/h.

The city’s general manager of community and protective services Chris Jardine said it’s important the city does all its research before any changes are made.

“Before we extend a whole bunch of resources on something, we have to make sure it is a significant problem,” said Jardine.

Cpl. Don Murray, the officer in charge of St. Albert RCMP’s traffic services division, said the detachment has never received any complaints about Hudson Road and police wouldn’t normally patrol the area.

“Traditionally, that’s not a stretch of road where we would do enforcement because it’s such a short stretch,” Murray said.

Moreau, however, remains concerned about the danger speeders present to the area’s residents.

“So far nothing has happened and I’m saying, do we have to wait until something happens?” wondered Moreau. “I don’t know, maybe we do.”

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