Solution to dog park waste problem seems obvious


I recently read the story (Gazette, Feb. 3) “Gone to the Dogs” about the Lacombe dog park. I use this dog park frequently and was perplexed by the section describing how much waste the city has to haul out, and how they are looking for solutions to the problem.

Within that same article, it describes how the city installed dispensers, but doesn’t fill them with bags. Further, they depend on the dog owners to bring bags and fill the city-provided waste dispensers. There’s even a photo of an empty waste dispenser.

I think they answered their own question, did they not? The solution seems loud and clear to me: that they should fill the waste bag dispensers. It would be a good starting point, at the very least.

Is it just me, or is this painfully obvious and cost-effective?

Christal Myner, St. Albert


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