‘Social justice warriors’ criticized


In response to the commentary titled “Misogyny rampant in politics this week.” Both St. Albert MLA Marie Renaud and Jennifer Hamilton want to distort the Notley golf target as institutionalized political misogyny and socially promoting violence against women. Yet there are so many numerous examples of political based attacks and violence that know no specific gender or political lines that for some reason do not see social justice warriors like Hamilton and Renaud get outraged over. How about the Stephen Harper dart board, the Rob Ford piĹ„ata, pie attacks on Chretien, Bronconnier or Klein? The shoe throwing incident against Bush or the Toronto International Film Festival awarding Death of a President top prize for the fictional assassination of Bush. The recent assassination attempt against Trump? How about the naked portrait of Harper? Those who were around in the ’90s remember the “tax this” bumper stickers for Mulroney. Why no outrage over Rob Wells being treated as a folk hero by the CBC for his vehicle decal that contained expletives against Harper and previously Klein? The inherent problem with social justice warriors is that they are naturally hypocritical and only take offence to incidents that suit their own views or narrative. This allows them to use their perpetual victim-hood privilege card. Take Renaud, for example, who as the former executive director of Lo-Se-Ca sure had a lot to say about the previous PC government’s proposed cuts to charitable tax credits. Yet, somehow Renaud failed to show up and vote on A-13 that exempted charities from the NDP’s Carbon Tax. If you want to argue that politicians as a whole regardless of gender, political views, etc., face unnecessary levels of violence and a general lack of respect then I would certainly agree. But it is time to stop turning the Notley golf target into something it is not. To try and tie this golf target somehow to the senseless mass killing in Orlando or the murder of Jo Cox is nothing short of shameful exploitation of actual victims.

Mike Zapchek, St. Albert


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