Smaller lots not the answer


A recent Gazette article highlighted a perceived need to reduce future lot sizes in order to attract young families. This logic assumes that young families want tiny lots almost completely covered by house and concrete driveway, with no room for trees and lawns for kids to play on.

I believe this argument is flawed and that green spaces, boulevards, parks, trails and trees are what have attracted people to St. Albert for decades, young families included.

As families grow, they might wish to park an extra car in front of their home, impossible with a 10-metre wide lot. As St. Albert and surrounding municipalities expand, it will be important to maintain a distinctive identity or risk being absorbed into greater Edmonton.

St. Albert needs to offer something more than just higher taxes. Will St. Albert enhance its image as the botanic arts city or retreat into anonymous urban sprawl?

Gordon Coulman, St. Albert


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