Show some respect on sidewalks


I am a senior citizen and walk with a walker because of my disease.

I would like to ask parents to explain to their children to use their bells or horns when they are driving bikes on the sidewalk and come up behind people on the sidewalk.

On Saturday, April 27 I was out for a walk with my walker on Gervais Road. The bikes and scooters came flying by from behind. The bylaw on bikes on sidewalks in St. Albert is a not thought of bylaw. Sidewalks came into being in the middle 1800s so pedestrians could get out of the way of horse-moving wagons. The word is sidewalk, not bike ride.

All I am asking is that parents explain to the children to please use the rules of the road and show respect for people walking. You don’t have to curse at us.

Walter Henwood, St. Albert


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