Shelter help in teak and crystal


It’s a pretty great deal, and it’s meant to be a pretty great boost to a women’s shelter.

Dave and Carol Mills are downsizing from their impressive two-storey Forest Lawn home and need to part ways with some teak furniture pieces that are impressive in their own right. There’s a mighty wall cabinet and a sturdy table with chairs.

“We can’t take it with us. We have to sell the house. It’s just not feasible to take this. It’s too big,” Dave Mills said, demonstrating the renowned durability and quality of the hardwood.

“That’s solid teak. That’s not a veneer. That thing is solid. You can’t buy something like that today. You’d have to take out a second mortgage.”

The circumstances of their move are not the happiest but the couple is trying to make the most positive impact out of it that they can. They’ve lived in St. Albert for nearly 30 years but Carol has developed dementia, requiring her to move into a local supportive living facility.

It’s a pretty emotional issue and the couple has no children in the area.

“We talked about it and she doesn’t like it but what the hell are we going to do? We can’t do anything about it. We can’t take it all with us. We don’t have a lot of choice.”

They did, however, choose to turn the sale in to a humanitarian gesture by donating the proceeds forward.

“I think it’s a good cause. We think that a women’s shelter at this time of the year, it’ll buy some toys for some kids or a turkey for them. It’s not a hell of a lot, but it’ll buy something. I don’t want to see this end up in a landfill.”

Even as substantial – re heavy – and valuable as the furniture is, the Mills have upped the ante by throwing in their entire beautiful crystal set. The Royal Doulton Webb Corbett crystal. The hand-blown 24 per cent lead crystal set includes two decanters, eight red wine glasses, eight white wine glasses, six champagne glasses, four tall and eight small tumblers.

“I used to work for Royal Doulton. Those glasses right there were $65 and that was 45 years ago. You don’t take this around the fireplace. You take this and sit down for a formal dinner.”

There’s no mistaking the classic ‘ting’ of two lead crystal glasses being clinked in a toast.

“There’s the bell-tone.”

Anyone who is interested in helping the Mills to get the deal done and help a women’s shelter with this donation should contact them at either 780-458-0188 or


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