Save the Rush


The sport of lacrosse, our national sport, has long flourished in St. Albert. Our son played and I coached teams in St. Albert. One year, we were accepted to the national playoffs in Surrey, B.C. Our team won half its games, including a win over City of Vancouver. One of our players was named to the national all-star team.

The Edmonton Rush is now considering moving away, apparently lacking support from City of Edmonton. This is hard to understand, as the Battles of Alberta – Edmonton vs. Calgary, have been terrific.

At half time, we have seen very young players from St. Albert come onto the field and demonstrate.

When the team brought in the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to entertain, that didn’t hurt either.

I urge St. Albert Council, residents, and all friends of the sport to lobby strongly with City Of Edmonton to keep the Rush.

Bob Lane, St. Albert


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