Santa Claus won’t pay the health care bill


Yes, Elizabeth in your world there is a Santa Claus — someone that pays the bills unconditionally with no end in sight or disclosure as to where the money came from.

And as long as we refuse to take responsibility for our actions and expect the ‘government’ to continue to fully fund health care without insurance premiums, user fees, deductibles or specific situations that are not covered, we will continue on the path to bankruptcy.

Fast food is one cause of obesity, but there are others. And yes, there is waste in the management of health care, but there is mismanagement in all government departments, similar to mismanagement in big business. But mismanagement in not the real issue. Even if the new super board reduced the deficit by $2 billion, we are still spending more on health in the province than we pay in provincial income taxes.

The money has to come from some other source, unless you believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

So, let’s take the blinders off and consider all options in order to have a fully funded medicare system.

Norm Harley, St. Albert


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