Sales manager wants a seat on St. Albert city council


Barry Zukewich wants to sit on St. Albert city council next term.

The 58-year-old sales manager has always been interested in municipal politics but his past jobs in sales required too much travelling so he was not able to run. Zukewich now works as a sales manager for a company that sells mostly oilfield equipment and has the time to pursue a council seat.

Although the Lacombe Park resident doesn’t have a detailed platform, he is a strong advocate for fiscal prudence.

“Certainly it would be wonderful to have the brightest and best infrastructure projects, however obtaining them by borrowing money that will in turn raise our tax burden substantially is not the answer,” Zukewich said.

Although Zukewich said the city will be growing substantially in the next few years he wants to see council be responsible with spending and he wants to “look for a way to reduce our tax bill.”

Along with focusing on taxes, the father of two wants to stop the infighting on council and he hopes to bring back professionalism to the team.

“I’m just one voice on council. I have experience in working together with a variety of people and I’m pretty easy to get along with,” Zukewich said.

Zukewich has lived in St. Albert for 33 years and said he wants to be an independent voice. He said he will always be open and transparent.

“I’ve got a very good set of ears. I’ve been in sales for a long time. The secret to my success is that I’ve always listened well and I’m always very honest. My integrity level is very high and I never make promises I can’t keep,” Zukewich said.

Zukewich will be running for one of six seats on city council. Other candidates who are also running are Sandyne Beach-McCutcheon, Al Bohachyk, Wes Brodhead, Craig Cameron, Jacy Eberlein, Jacquie Hansen, Charlene Jelinski, Natalie Joly, Ken MacKay, Ufuoma Odebala-Fregene, Hannes Rudolph, Bob Russell and Jaye Walter.

Current councillors Cathy Heron and Cam MacKay have launched campaigns to run for mayor.

Nomination day is Sept. 18 and the election will be held on Oct. 16.


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