Mayor must have leadership skills and common sense


Re: Parker enters race for mayor (Gazette, Sept. 9).

Malcolm Parker is quoted as saying:” I’m not doing it to have a job. I’m not doing it for the money, and  I’m not doing it for the ambition.” One of the reasons he says he is running for mayor because in his opinion our council is dysfunctional with current infighting among councillors.

Mr. Parker, if you believe integrity is important, I don’t know where you are coming from. In my opinion you don’t have much to offer to the St. Albert citizens by starting out with accusations of our present council.
What we need is positive attitudes, with a clear vision of the future and above all a passion for a healthy political atmosphere amongst your fellow councillors.

You have lost in three previous elections, but if you are going to be successful in this election on Oct. 16 we hope that your contribution to St. Albert will be intelligence, positive leadership and common sense. Good luck.

A. Sadée, St. Albert


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