Running through the years


It’s time to strap on your running shoes and get out for a leisurely jog on the trails.

You read that right, despite the November snow and frostier temps. The Running Room, located at 17 St. Anne Street, is lacing up for its usual run night on Wednesday, Nov. 7 – the same night that it is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary of business in St. Albert.

“It’s our usual run night. We have run club every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. and Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. But this one is special,” said store manager Warren Footz. “There will be food and coffee, and hopefully some of the old timers show up.”

The Running Room’s business is more than just selling footwear and headbands for runners. It has actively promoted running culture and healthy living through exercise for hundreds upon hundreds of people of all fitness levels.

Footz hopes people will come to the event to share some stories and meet Running Room founder John Stanton before they all head out for their usual evening run with the Run Club.

He is proud of the store’s accomplishments in getting people ‘out for a quick jog’ to ‘tackling a marathon’ over the years.

“We’ve had Run Club forever. We have clinics going on all the time,” he continued, noting while there is a fee to sign up for the clinics, the Run Club is free. “We have an event every year called the 20-minute challenge in July and a lot of people there have been with us from the beginning. This year, we had 130 people show up. We’re a fixer, I guess.”

He encourages everyone, even those who have never enjoyed running, to come out and see how easy it is to get started. That way, 20 years from now, they can come back as total pros for the 40th anniversary, totally chill to go for a November run with snow on the paths and proper shoes to keep them from slipping.

“We just had a Learn to Run clinic start up. The 10-K clinic starts up in November. They’re all aimed to get people out in the winter. We get a lot of people ask, ‘What do you guys do in the winter?’ We say ‘We run outside.’ Every so often, we’ll have someone ask, ‘Do you run in the basement?’ Well, we don’t have a basement,” he said.

“A lot of people get scared about the winter and afraid of running in winter. Once they start running with us, they change.”


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