Rock’n August features double bill at Friday night street dance


It’s summertime, the cruising is easy, and there’s quite a bit for automotive fans to see and do at Rock’n August.

The five-day classic car show attracts thousands of hobbyists and their prized wheels creating the biggest summer show in St. Albert running Aug. 8 to 12.

Some classic vehicles are a piece of history. Others highlight special groundbreaking inventions.

Nearly every vehicle is so spiffed up, they reflect images as clearly as mirrors. But it’s not just the vehicles that sparkle and shine.

The traditional Friday night dance, one of the most popular events of this mega car show has a revamped stage show with a dynamite double bill thanks to a secret sponsor.

Eagles tribute band The Long Run is the featured headliner while long time favourite Dash Riprock opens the concert.

The Long Run is essentially the same lineup as the Edmonton-based party band The Whiskey Boyz with the addition of Glen Giggs (guitar/vocals).

In addition to Giggs, the complete lineup features Ken Polansky (vocals-guitar), Rich Korbyl (keyboard-vocals), David LaBelle (drums) and Chris Bradshaw (bass-vocals).

While The Whiskey Boyz have been around for about 20 years picking up fans at festivals, corporate gigs and casinos, The Long Run was launched around the time of Eagle founder Glenn Frey’s passing in Jan. 2016.

“Eagles tribute bands became a bit of novelty after the passing of Glenn Frey,” said Polansky, a Sturgeon County resident. “We already played a lot of Eagles music as Whiskey Boyz. So we thought, let’s try to pay homage and do it justice.”

As a teenage musician, Polansky was instantly attracted to Eagles music. They transcended barriers dabbling in many genres from hard and light rock to reggae, disco and country.

“The songs are crafted so eloquently and the songwriting is stellar. That’s why I believe they’re the biggest selling band of all times. Vocally their harmonies are the best of all time. Nobody comes close,” said Polansky.

One song The Long Run plans to sing is the 1976 masterpiece hit Hotel California, a number about death and decadence in Hollywood.

“It always knocks the crowd dead. It has a stellar melody line. The chord progression is complex even though it sounds simple. You can break it down into a single instrument or make it a full production sound, and people just relate to it.”

During their 90-minute set, The Long Run will reprise a full spectrum of The Eagles music from the 1970s to the present – songs such as Tequila Sunrise, Desperado and Take It Easy.

Dash Riprock starts the street dance hopping with classic hits from the beginning of the rock ‘n’ roll era to the present. And this year, the eight-piece is adding some new material.

A band with a ton of street cred in St. Albert, Dash Riprock has opened for Streetheart, headlined Spring Fling and performed at Rock’n August twice.

In part that’s due to their strong connection to the city. Spokesperson Michael Cearns lives here, as does drummer Dez O’Kell and singers Fred Miller, Ksara Jaxson and Crystal Hanson. Bass player Mike Hill grew up in St. Albert while guitarist Bob Morin lives in Edmonton and keyboardist Miles Jackson commutes from Ma-me-o Beach.

Some of the band’s older material includes Bryan Adams Summer of ’69 and Chilliwack’s Fly at Night.

But Dash Riprock is also tapping into a more current hit list with Lady Antebellum’s Hey Bartender, Jully Black’s Seven Day Fool and Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl.

For Cearns, one of the great joys of playing at Rock’n August is the band’s fantastic view from the stage.

“It’s a sea of faces and cars,” said Cearns. “We’re proud to be part of the success of Rock’n August. We get to play for friends and family and friends we haven’t yet met.”

All events to Rock’n August are complimentary with the purchase of a $5 button. Proceeds from button sales are donated to Alberta Diabetes Foundation.

St. Albert Transit will provide shuttle service to the Friday street dance between Village Transit Station and Lions Park on TachÄŤ St. from 6 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. It runs every 20 minutes.


The Long Run and Dash Riprock
Rock’n August Street Dance
Friday, Aug. 11
from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
St. Anne Street
Admission: Purchase of a $5 button


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