Roads a concern for Kingswood residents


I have lived on Kirkwood Drive since 1995 and some of us original residents had dealings with Murray Brown/Canterra Properties in the late 1990s regarding the roadway system in Kingswood.

Originally, a roadway link was proposed from Kenilworth Crescent to Sir Winston Churchill Avenue. We were concerned then about the volume of traffic that would be using Kirkwood Drive as our neighbourhood developed. That roadway link was removed and Kirkwood Drive became the main road for all the construction vehicles as new homes went up.

Now, 17 years later, residents on Kirkwood Drive are faced again with Canterra’s opposition to building a roadway link from Kingswood Boulevard to Sir Winston Churchill Avenue because the company feels it’s not necessary.

I would like to invite Murray Brown to stand on my driveway and watch the number of speeding vehicles, transit buses, school buses and construction trucks that use Kirkwood Drive. At the public meeting held on June 19, 2012, residents of Kirkwood Drive voiced their opposition loud and clear that we do not want to see this proposed roadway link taken out of the original area structure plan again.

It’s going to be very interesting to sit and watch how Murray Brown will react to city council’s decision to not approve any further development from Canterra until he hands over the land for the park.

Sylvia Bilsky, St. Albert


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