Ripple Effect Wellness: Where Your Wellness Journey Begins


Ripple Effect Wellness has its roots in the powerful movement of women helping women to be their healthiest, most authentic self with care that starts before new life begins. Today, the wellness centre has grown to provide a great variety of services for the whole family, including infants, children, youth, men and women. From assisting with fertility issues to easing the pain of sports injuries, guiding women through hormonal changes to enhancing athletic performance, there is a solution for you at Ripple Effect Wellness.

Eldyka Simpson, Owner and CEO Ripple Effect Wellness Centre

“We grew organically into a family centre,” says Eldyka, owner. She and her team are enjoying their first year and a half in St. Albert and couldn’t be happier with how quickly the business has grown, all the glowing testimonials on their website, and the outstanding reviews on Google and Yelp.

“Wellness is a journey,” she continues. “Ripple Effect makes that journey a calmer, more mindful one through acupuncture, massage therapy, craniosacral and other modality therapies, and meditation. The clinic also stays true to its beginnings and continues to offer fertility, hormonal, pregnancy, and motherhood support along with doula (birth) services.  It’s a community-oriented centre where each member of the family feels safe, comfortable, and confident in the care they receive.”

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the holistic health field.

Also provided are Soulful Offerings, which are meetings, classes, and events where women and children reconnect with the capabilities and strengths that make them resilient and confident. It’s empowerment through honest and judgement-free discussions, reflection, gratitude, support, and community building.

Like it’s namesake, the wellness centre truly does have a ripple effect. Eldyka and her team know that the care they provide in their centre is a part of a much larger circle of a healthy, functioning community. Each service, each renewed soul, each new life, is one that enriches another life and helps build a strong community. At Ripple Effect Wellness, they believe that you are enough; when you believe it too, you are empowered to make a difference in the world.

Acupuncture, Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga & Meditation all help you move through pregnancy with ease.

What has been holding you back? Trouble conceiving? Anxiety? Depression? Pain from sports or an accident? Chronic back pain? A difficult pregnancy? Ripple Effect Wellness’ complete care eases pain in the body, mind, and soul, and restores your spirit. It’s the type of care that never stops rippling outwards, spreading serenity and renewal in its wake.

From fertility and prenatal care to transitioning through life’s final phases, Ripple Effect Wellness is where patients from all walks of life find the relief they have been searching for. Visit to start living a pain free, happier, more fulfilled life today.


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