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Rigney will run again

Sturgeon County Mayor Don Rigney will look to keep his spot in the mayor’s chair next fall.

Rigney told the Gazette on Tuesday he intends to run again for a second term in office in next October’s civic election.

The first-term mayor said there is simply too much work to complete and issues to resolve to step away from politics next year.

“There is still significant unfinished work with the upgraders, the heartland transmission lines and the Capital Region Board (CRB).”

Rigney is particularly concerned the CRB could strip autonomy from the county and wants to ensure its voice remains heard.

“I want to make sure we maintain our autonomy, make sure that the citizens have competition and choice and do what I can to restore our citizens’ lost autonomy.”

Rigney said he hasn’t developed specific policy proposals yet and is keeping himself focused on the work ahead in the remaining council term rather than worrying about a campaign.

“I am more interested in getting as much done in the next year, I am not focused on that.”

Rigney is still looking to check off some goals for the first term. “There are some things that we haven’t got done,” he said. “At the pace things move it is very frustrating.”

Rigney narrowly defeated former mayor Helmut Hinteregger in the October 2007 election. Rigney came to the race with two terms on council under his belt.

Rigney said his greatest frustration in the job has been the difficulties communicating to residents.

“I spend 90 per cent of my time with other elected officials, with administration, with consultants, advisors, lawyers, experts, engineers and very little time with my landowners and citizens and there is something wrong with that system.”

Rigney believes the public is best served if there is a competitive election and he looks forward to having a challenger step forward.

“The public is never well served when you don’t [have a race],” he said. “I have always had a challenger, maybe if I was a little less controversial I wouldn’t.”

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