Returned purse restores faith in humanity


On Saturday, June 28 in the mid-afternoon, I accidentally left my purse in the top of a Sobeys cart in the middle of the parking lot and went home with my groceries.

You can imagine my total panic when I got home a few minutes later only to discover my missing purse. I immediately hurried back to the store, still with all my groceries, thinking the worst.

I jumped out of the car and ran up to the cart boy who looked at me with a blank stare. Then I spotted a second boy who said someone had turned in my purse a few minutes before. You can only imagine my relief to find my purse all intact.

So to whomever returned it, I am truly grateful … more than words can say. Had it been any other major parking lot, I doubt the same would have happened. It restores one’s faith in humanity and to some unknown Sobeys shopper, a big thank you to you!

With sincere thanks,

M. Robertson, St. Albert


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