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Rendezvous wants your St. Albert pics and stories

Rendezvous 2011

Do you remember when those high school students unveiled a new mural in St. Albert Centre last week? Or how about when you just saw a really big icicle on your neighbour’s house or a deer running through the streets, jumping over snowbanks?

Ask Margaret Plain and she’ll say they are all equally important when it comes to chronicling 2011, St. Albert’s sesquicentennial year.

“The original intent when we set up our website in the beginning was to encourage people to submit stories,” said the Rendezvous 2011 chair, adding content can be about the past or present.

In addition to writings, the anniversary committee also wants people to send in their photographs. They will be posted on the website, www.rendezvous2011.ca, as an online scrapbook to commemorate the special events and activities taking place during 2011.

Plain said there is no limit on what can be submitted. People can write about anything and send in whatever photos they want. All material will be screened, naturally.

“If somebody gets a good shot of a sunset or wildlife or a particular family thing … just photos depicting life in St. Albert would be appropriate, photos that represent the community.”

So far response has been good but she wants to make sure the word gets out.

“Since we’re well into the year, we’d like to encourage more.”

The St. Albert Photography Club has already agreed to record some of the major happenings.

“We’d also like residents of St. Albert to submit photos that they think would be interesting to the rest of the community.”

For more information or to submit your own photos and stories, please visit www.rendezvous2011.ca. Look under “Get Involved.”

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