Questioning the actions of St. Albert city council


So, what is going on with our new St. Albert city council and current administration? Braeside condos, out-of-town workshops with no minutes, administration vetting all phone calls now to councillors through one common phone number, in camera FOIP workshops and the latest, franchise fees for electricity. Councillor Wes Brodhead has put forth a motion to discuss initiating a franchise fee for our electricity. This will really help St Albert business be competitive. Not! They say that our property taxes will be reduced accordingly. I will believe that when I see it.

For several months now I along with others have discussed our St Albert transit system. On any given weekday, usually between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. you can stand on any street corner in St. Albert and see an endless stream of empty full size city buses go by. How many millions is that costing St. Albert taxpayers?

In a previous life, Councillor Brodhead was director of bus operations for Edmonton Transit. He was responsible for a budget of $110 million. Wes, why on earth can’t you use some of that expertise and complete a full review of the transit system with two achievable objectives in mind? Make the system more efficient and more importantly profitable.

But no, you go the easy route and say let’s have the overtaxed residents of St Albert pay more and more. What happened to accountability and transparency? Start looking for ways to save taxpayers money, not spend, spend, spend. It’s been four months now for this new council, when are you going to start earning your money?

Craig Skarupa, St. Albert


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