Councillors should put infill development in their own backyards


The current members of St. Albert city council seem to be obsessed with filling in the older established areas like Braeside on the Sturgeon Road by rezoning the older areas to put up apartment buildings and condos. This comes in spite of the opposition of residents who have lived here for up to 50 years or more.

We live where we live because we like it the way it is and we don’t need non-residents changing our neighbourhoods especially by members of council who do not reside amongst us. I suggest a way of convincing them that they can live with their ideas and ideals, whenever they decide to rezone an area that their private property will be rezoned accordingly. That would make me feel better and make them realize why I don’t like them changing and rezoning where I live. Stay out of beautiful Braeside.

I like it the way it was when I came here in Nov. 15, 1970. Do not desecrate my neighbourhood or my view of the Sturgeon River floodplain anymore with the likes of Venture Waterfront & Tenor on the river. Go and impose your “infill” ideas in another area. You can start with your own backyard.

Brian White, St. Albert


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