Public hearing on Monday for land rezoning


Members of the public will get a chance to voice their opinions at St. Albert city council on Monday on the redistricting of a land parcel in the Jensen Lakes subdivision.

Council will be opening the floor up to citizens to hear their thoughts on the redistricting of what is known as Zone 6 in Jensen Lakes. The area sits north of Villeneuve Road and west of Walmart on St. Albert Trail.

Currently Zone 6 in the Jensen Lakes Land Use Bylaw is designated as an urban reserve and is an empty undeveloped space. The proposed redistricting would redesignate around 3.2 hectares of land to become low density housing. The storm water pond to the east of the land parcel would remain untouched.

According to the city the area would be turned into single detached homes in the Jensen Lakes subdivision and construction in planned to begin this summer.

Adryan Slaght, director of planning and development with the city of St. Albert said that the project would not cause any traffic disruption to the area of Villeneuve Road.

This is the first time this matter is coming to city council. The public hearing is slated to begin at 5 p.m.

2017 surplus

On Monday the city will hear administration’s recommendations on what to do with the $4.1 million municipal operating surplus that has been found in a preliminary review of the 2017 operating expenses. The final surplus numbers will be released after an audit is complete.

The extra money is due to job vacancies throughout the city, a decrease in snow removal and photo radar contracts and an increase in permits issued.

Administration recommends council use some of the money to top up the stabilization reserve to the tune of $1.1 million. The stabilization reserve, which currently stands at $2.8 million, is used by council when emergent unbudgeted items arise throughout the year. Administration recommends the funds remaining after the final surplus numbers are released be put in the capital reserve which can be used towards capital investments.

It is not recommended that the money be put towards the repayment of outstanding debt as the city would suffer significant penalties from early repayment.

On the Agenda:

  • Preliminary year-end recommendations for surplus
  • Capital project prioritization criteria
  • Sturgeon River Valley and natural areas protection
  • Esri Enterprise agreement
  • Public hearing on Jensen Lakes redistricting
  • Fourth quarter corporate report

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