Province approves regional growth plan


The province has signed off on a new growth blueprint for the Capital region.

Premier Ed Stelmach congratulated all 25 member municipalities of the Capital Region Board (CRB) for creating the growth plan, which was formally approved Thursday morning.

“These municipalities saw that a strategic plan would help guide the region through growth and now Albertans can look forward to the results,” Stelmach said in a press release. “I expect the Capital region will become known in Canada for smart development, planned growth, and a greener, more co-ordinated approach to land use.”

The CRB growth plan plots where and how growth should occur in the region over the next 40 years when the population is expected to increase by 600,000 residents. It was developed last year by all 25 member municipalities.

The plan establishes a vision for a regional transit network, affordable housing strategy and land-use plan as well as a geographic information system.

“Having Alberta’s municipalities work together is essential to the success of our province, and I believe this is a better plan because of the involvement of all municipalities in the metro area,” said Municipal Affairs Minister Hector Goudreau.

“In forming this partnership, the Capital region municipalities will create long-term benefits for their residents — by eliminating duplication, planning for essential infrastructure and attracting investment.”


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