Procedure bylaw goes to final vote


On the agenda:

• Changes to stabilization fund

• Capital, operating carry-forwards

• Conference attendance

• Procedure bylaw

• Water meters

• Workshop parameters

The final reading of changes to St. Albert’s procedure bylaw will come to council on Tuesday for approval.

Councillors gave the first two readings to the changes on Jan. 15, amending some of the bylaw changes. They further amended the changes on Jan. 29.

The vote on Tuesday will decide whether speakers who are not addressing an item on the council agenda will have to register five business days in advance to speak to council.

Other changes to the bylaw include having speakers provide their presentation material to the city before they speak, and changes to the public hearing process.

The changes will also include a requirement for notices of motion from councillors to be advertised or read publicly.

In the past, members of the public have not had to register prior to speaking to council, and in the words of former mayor Richard Plain enjoyed an “open mic” tradition.

Plain was one of two speakers who spoke on Jan. 15 against some of the bylaw changes.

The first two readings of the procedure bylaw amendments passed on Jan. 15 in 6-1 votes, with Coun. Sheena Hughes casting her vote against the changes.

Hughes, who put forward six amendments to the bylaw on Jan. 15, said at the time she would be voting against the bylaw changes as she was still not comfortable with the changes.

Coun. Jacquie Hansen spoke after the motion was put on the floor in support of the changes, saying they represented a streamlining of the bylaw as well as transparency, accountability and preparation for everyone.

Aside from the procedure bylaw, councillors will vote Tuesday on whether to amend their council policy on public appointments and rescind their public hearing process policy.

A report to council, authored by legislative initiatives co-ordinator Lindsay O’Mara, states those changes would make policy consistent with the new procedure bylaw.


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