Prejudice annihilates the facts


I have recently been strongly criticized for leaving my dog in my car.

No one should leave a dog or child unattended in a car under any circumstances but not for the reasons many might assume: that it is necessarily dangerous to the child or dog.

Because a dog and a child have recently died in unattended vehicles on hot days it is assumed fairly widely that it is always dangerous and irresponsible under any and all circumstances.

If you have air-conditioning, or if the dog’s crate is sitting on ice, it matters not a whit. No difference if you leave a child in a locked car for five minutes; it’s as bad as five hours.

I offered to demonstrate that my dog was fine even on a warm and humid day, but this woman simply shook her head in a condemnatory way and walked off. The facts didn’t interest her.

I’m afraid I called her a stupid idiot, although I didn’t use the word "stupid." I’m sorry for that, it was uncalled for, and I should know by now that only appearances count with a great many people.

So when it gets around that a car and its occupants were fatally wounded in an ever more common and violent tornado, children, pets and cars will be considered a bad combination and irresponsible on the part of parents or owners: it will be judged that the passengers should have been left at home, in the basement, under the stairwell.

Invalid generalizations point to only one fact: the need to feel righteous and superior trumps the need to know the facts , and even when children and pets lose out because of it.

Although my dog loves going out, is healthy and happy, I think I’m going to have to bow to the public’s ignorance and bad faith. I’m getting tired of false accusations, and apparently, have no other recourse.

Doris Wrench Eisler, St. Albert


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