Pregnancy care presentation just one option


This is my response to a Luke Fevin letter that was published (Gazette, Feb 10).
I am a parent who allowed my child to take part in the Pregnancy Care Centre (PCC) presentation. Please note, I had to sign a waiver form for my child to participate. To my understanding, PCC did not come in last-minute with a hidden agenda to teach the students secretly that abstinence is in fact an option when talking about sex, among other things. It is out of context to imperatively want them removed from the vendors list.
If parents, like myself, are in fact agreeing to send their child to participate does that not mean there is in fact a need to keep them around? The class was full.
Home is where your child should be learning their morals and values, programs like these can enlighten a new perspective, granted the student has parent’s permission.
Cassandra Meunier, St. Albert

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