Pool patrons park in school parking as well


In reference to a letter (Gazette, Oct. 7) where a resident complained of “disrespectful, unlawful, and irresponsible” teenagers parking at Fountain Park Pool, I would like to respond as a graduate of Paul Kane school.

At Paul Kane students pay to park in the school lot. However, since this is not an actual bylaw, it is very hard to enforce, and paying for parking is easy to get around. Therefore, our lot overflows. This problem increases as the school year goes on, as more students get their licences and bring their cars to school. Furthermore, I have seen pool patrons park within the Paul Kane lot and walk across, even though the Fountain lot has spots available.

I will admit to parking in the Fountain Park lot, but I do not consider myself a disrespectful person. I only did so because I was trying to get to class, our lot was full and there was no other option. I promise you every time I was equally as frustrated, being a paying user of my own lot. When I had to park there, I always parked as far from the pool as possible, to leave the more ideal spots for pool patrons. Even then, however, one time I was approached and even threatened by a man who saw me get out of my car and head for school. I explained to him my lot was full and I would move my car after class, but he ignored my response and continued to threaten me. To me, that is what disrespect is.

So I ask you, next time you want to jump to assuming youth are nothing but disrespectful and ignorant, please consider that there are two sides to every story.

Natalie Purdon, St. Albert


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