Police doing nothing to curb distracted driving


So let me get this straight: in just under a one-year time frame, the RCMP in St. Albert have handed out 175 tickets for distracted driving. (‘Drivers not slowing down their texting’, Aug. 25 Gazette)

All I can say is: seriously, are you kidding me. I would bet that if you stand on the main corners of St. Albert Trail you can catch 175 people on cellphones in less than four hours. You cannot drive 10 minutes without being passed by someone on a cellphone.

The enforcement of this law in the whole province is a joke. If the police cannot/will not enforce it except for the gross violations then the law is not being enforced. How about making it a real punishment: three demerits and a $1,000 fine with your car impounded for 24 hours for the first offense. Get a second and lose your license for six months, be forced to take a defensive driving course and get a graduated license for five years.

There have been too many accidents caused by people on cellphones. I once saw a kid driving daddy’s Benz in Edmonton playing on his handheld Playstation while driving down 97 Street.

Enforcement of this law is a provincial joke. You can see taxi drivers, city workers, bus drivers and truck drivers … and that will be in a 30 minute time frame on the trail.

Enforce it fully or stop having dreamy feel-good write-ups about what they are doing to stop it. They are doing nothing to stop it..

Kevin Nielsen, St. Albert


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